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Review Policy

All books that I review were either purchased by me, won in a giveaway, or sent for review from the author or publisher. All reviews are my 100% own honest thoughts/opinions, and I am not compensated in any way for reviews. I cannot promise to respond to every review request. If I do not respond, it doesn't mean I am not interested; it's either I'm busy or on a reading slump. I am most likely to read books in true crime, crime thrillers, mystery/suspense, horror (gore? sure), paranormal, urban fantasy, biography/autobiography/memoirs, erotic romance, and science fiction if it's interesting. I am open to review books in any genre though. I would highly appreciate if you can send me a physical copy of the book, but considering the shipping costs, I do accept e-copies in epub format only.

Send your review requests, and be sure to include:

  • an author bio
  • details about your book (genre, number of pages, blurb)
  • clear author bio picture, book covers, and other images related to your book
  • links to your website/blog, Facebook page/Twitter
  • buy links
  • preferred date of posting

FTC Disclosure

I always state where I obtain all my books at the top of a review.

Review Rating - I rate the books I review on a scale of 1-5


gave me a book hangover that will probably last for days or even weeks! highly recommended!


I really enjoyed it but...... / I would recommend it


It was good but didn’t really stand out to me / others might enjoy it


it was uhmm..... okay / had a potential

I didn't enjoy it / I couldn't really get into the story, the characters.....

Guest Post Policy

Would you like to submit a guest post? Along with your article, be sure to include

  • an author bio and the details about the book you're promoting
  • clear author bio picture, book covers, and other images related to your content
  • links to your website/blog, social media accounts, and to where your book(s) can be purchased

Send your article in a format that’s easy to edit (Google docs). Please do not include HTML coding.

** All original content submitted by the guest author will remain intellectual property of the author.

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