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By: Shin | October 17, 2016

Release Date: November 2, 2016

A gorgeous rock star.
An indecent proposal.
How can a girl resist?

Struggling barista Katie Bloom doesn’t even know who Jesse Mayes is until she inadvertently wins the coveted role of sex kitten in his hot new music video. But by the time she’s in bed with him, she knows his reputation.

Love maker. Heartbreaker.

Making out with a stranger in front of a camera crew isn’t how Katie imagined herself getting over a broken heart, but when Jesse touches her, sparks fly. The sex is fake but the chemistry is real, and soon the steamy video is blazing up the charts.

Then Jesse makes Katie an irresistible offer: act as his girlfriend for six weeks while he promotes his new album. The only catch? Their sizzling make-out sessions will be for the cameras only.

Which is fine with Katie, since she's not about to trust her heart to rock's most legendary lover. Her body? Maybe…

Contains sexual content and is not intended for minors to read.

My Thoughts

**I received an ebook copy from the author. I was not required to write a positive review. I did not either receive any monetary compensation for this review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Hot rock star, Jesse Mayes meets ordinary girl, Katie Bloom. It all started in a sexy music video which lead to an indecent proposal. With the amount of money Katie can get from her new “job”, she'll be able to get her life back on track again, after what happened with her ex which scarred her deeply.

Being with the super hot Jesse and his band on a 6-week road tour, things have started to get quite confusing for Katie. How long can they both control their feelings and libido? Is it all about getting sales for Jesse's album and concerts?

Being on the spotlight as “Jesse's Girl” has its perks until Katie realized that being connected to a famous hot rock star isn't all that great. When it came to her family, being involved in a negative news article about her slutty image, how is she going to take it? Is she just making an excuse to get away from her feelings? There's no denying that both of them knew they desire each other, but is is there something more to that? With their exes coming back in the scene, their own issues regarding family matters, and their personal issues that holding them back from spilling how they really feel for each other, is there really a chance for them to have an HEA?

Dirty Like Me is not just all about the romance between Jesse and Katie. It also deals about some issues that involve family, past relationships, and pursuing dreams. Although I find the sexy scenes not as steamy hot as what I expected, and that restaurant scene with Jesse and “the girl” was kind of predictable, I still enjoyed it.

If I were to choose which character I find really interesting aside from the main protagonists, I'd choose Zane, although there were not really much in the book about Jesse's other bandmates. Zane seems like some kind of an as****e as Maggie describes him as a “total nightmare for women”, which makes him more interesting and makes me want to read Dirty #0.5 (Zane and Maggie’s story) as soon as it's available. Also, I wish there were more details about what's with Jessa. Does she have depression or the tendency to become suicidal? There weren't any details regarding as to why she doesn't want to go back home nor what's really happening to her.

Two words to describe Dirty Like Me? FUN and SEXY; a recommended read for those into hot romance novels. Get ready to laugh and smile like an idiot while reading this one. An oh, one of my favorite moments? When Jesse walked in on Katie with her vibrating friend!

I look forward to reading more books by this author.

About the Author

Jaine Diamond is a romance author who believes in fairy tales, ice cream, and true love. She lives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada with her real-life romantic hero (Mr. Diamond) and their baby girl. Her new contemporary rockstar romance series, Dirty, launches in November 2016!


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