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By: Shin | March 17, 2017


Love. Who needs that? Who would want that? Who hasn't had their heart split in two, because they were never their first option, and damn sure their second. I have. But I stayed. Why did I stay? It was love. I wanted to finally feel that I was wanted. It didn't matter if he thought I was worthless. It didn't matter if he degraded me, because he felt like it. Any love is better than no love...right?


Every day, I'm haunted and tormented. When, I look in the mirror I see a failure. A failure that let people that needed me down. I worry that it will happen again. If it happens to the people I care about the most, I don't think I could live with myself. Can I put my torturous past behind me and start to enjoy life? Especially now...

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By: Shin | November 06, 2016

Publication Date: June 9, 2016

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By: Shin | November 03, 2016

October is over! Where did the month go?! It flew by unnoticed while work has been consuming too much of my time. Things have been really hectic at work, not only last month but for the past few months, so I haven’t been able to read and blog as much as I would like. I know, last month, I only read 4 books, and I'm so behind my Goodreads challenge. Time management! I need that in my life. It's really difficult to find time to read when working on a graveyard shift. I need to find a way to fit reading into my schedule. Anyway, enough of my rants. Here's my October wrap up, a short recap to what I've read last month.

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By: Shin | November 02, 2016

Hello fellow bookworms! Hope you're all having a good day. I haven't been feeling well since yesterday, and I just got home from my check-up, but I don't know... I'm just not convinced with the result. The doctor said there's nothing wrong with my xray scan and all the tests, but I can barely walk and breathe without feeling a sharp pain on my left side, so it's impossible that this is just nothing! Well, anyway, I really don't need any stress in my life, so yes, I need to seek a second opinion from another doctor......

Anyway, going back to the purpose of this post..... Just a few days ago, I was given a copy of Fair Chance, the first book in the Second Chances trilogy. Since the author is a good friend of my boss, I've purchased extra co...

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By: Shin | October 30, 2016

  Release Date: November 29, 2016

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By: Shin | October 27, 2016

I want to give a warm welcome to Carl Schmidt and thank him for stopping by to write a guest post on my blog today. He is the author of Dead Down East, the first novel in theJesse Thorpe Mystery Series and A Recipe for Bliss: Kriya Yoga for a New Millennium,his non-fictional book.

And oh, I just found out the he stayed in the Philippines for 2 years. So, I hope that he was able to experience and enjoy the warm hospitality of the Filipinos :)

Anyway fellow bookworms, I hope you'll enjoy this post today and you all have a great day!

Over to Carl now.

I’ve been sitting at my word processor for nearly an hour, alternately squirming in my chair, rubbing the back of my neck and watching the clock, hoping that somehow, some way, the Great God of ...

By: Shin | October 23, 2016

I grew up in a small town, with my strict grandparents. I grew up following rules, such as reading time everyday, which I hated then because I wasn't allowed to watch TV or play outside without reading a short story first. My grandmother did not only taught me the alphabet at an early age, she saw to it that I would learn to read at an early age.

During my childhood, there were things which other children in my age that time enjoyed, but I wasn't allowed to do nor even dared to try, like climbing a tree, riding a bicycle, playing cards, and more. My grandparents weren't always around that time, and I was usually left at home with “manang”, so during those times, I was always stuck either reading fables and fairy tales or watching cartoons  ...

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By: Shin | October 21, 2016

Play the game. Fan the Fire. Earn rewards.

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By: Shin | October 19, 2016

Hello fellow bookworms! Today, author Susan Barton is stopping by to talk about the making of her latest book, Emotional Paramedics.

My book, Emotional Paramedics, comes in at just about two hundred pages, yet it took me almost five years to finish and finally publish it.

There were several reasons why it took me so long and I’d be lying if I said procrastination wasn’t one of them. As a book marketer/book reviewer, I find myself living the life of a shoemaker. I’m sure you’ve heard it…the shoemaker spends so much time making shoes for everyone in the village that his own family goes shoeless. In other words, I was so busy helping other authors publish and market their books, I had little time to concentrate on my own writing.

A couple of...

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By: Shin | October 17, 2016

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